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MMA Training can be very taxing on your body so MMA Supplements are a important part of your mma training routine . When you are a fighter your mma training is one of the most vital things you do besides taking your MMA Supplements and to be a great athlete you have to train full time. You can't train one hour a day four days a week and expect to compete at a high level. MMA athletes that fight for a living will train full time which is five to six days a week from four to eight hours daily. When you train your body this much you definitely need MMA Supplements to make sure you recover and take care of your body.

Here is a list of workout supplements for mixed martial arts and what they do for you as an MMA fighter:

· Glutamine which is by far the most abundant amino acid in the human body. Glutamine will decrease muscle breakdown in the body and speed up the bodies recovery time after a hard MMA training session.

· Creatine which aides your body by increasing ATP absorption in your muscles. Creatine will help your gain strength, elevate energy levels, and elevate endurance.

· Nitric Oxide NO supplements will help blood and nutrients flow to your muscle. You will get crazy pumps in your muscle and energy.

· Multi Vitamin and Mineral This can be one of the most important MMA Supplements you take. MMA Training can be very extreme and exhausting and when you train this hard you are depriving your body of much needed nutrients. Your body uses these nutrients to help build muscle and help the body recovery quicker .

· Whey Protein Consuming a protein shake after and mma workout will help your muscles recover faster and whey protein will aid in muscle growth. Whey Protein is a definite when you take part in any physical activity.

It doesn't matter if you are a UFC, Muay Thai fighter or an amateur mixed martial arts fighter you must consume good foods to help fuel your body. Fighter nutrition is a vital part of any fighter's regimen along with MMA Supplements. MMA nutrition will definitely come into play when a fighter is cutting weight.

You can eat a wide variety of foods to cut the weight and keep energy like:

Lean meats: like lean beef, steak, chicken, tuna, fish. These lean meats will help you keep your protein intake high.

Carbohydrates: like brown rice, sweet potato, red skin potato. These carbs will help you have some energy between meals.

Vegetables: like broccoli, peas, and asparagus. These vegetables and been very filling if you are hungry. Asparagus also acts as a natural diuretic.

MMA supplements are just as important as your workouts , nutrition, and dieting. When you take all of these seriously and you have the right combination of supplementation and training you will be an unstoppable force in the cage.

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