Mixed Martial Arts - Importance of Fitness and Nutrition

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Martial arts are more of a way of life and a life style that a sport. Even though awareness was lacking for a considerable amount of time regarding the role of fitness and nutrition in a martial athlete`s life, it has done wonders for those who were influenced by it. Today, sports nutrition has developed into a science and is responsible for the increasing number of athletes pushing their performance towards excellence. Athletes become faster, stronger and able to resist injuries owing to the influence of proper nutrition and fitness. Still, majority have not taken advantage of the nutrition that has done wonders for many others.

Mixed martial arts permit a variety of strikes and tactics which are not permitted in most sport events. Punching, grappling and kicking are part of these tactics. Here, techniques take a back seat and the stamina and strength of the body comes into play. That is why a school of thought puts high importance to nutrition in the life of mixed martial art athletes.

Another school of thought stresses that techniques comes first and giving undue importance to physical strength would mar the beauty and acceptability of these martial arts. They argue that these arts have been in place for many centuries and have developed into art forms. They further argue that physical strength never came into play earlier where smallish fighters could trip up heftier opponents by relying on techniques only.

But people participated in these martial arts for pride and not for monetary benefits. However, most of these mixed martial art forms have taken a commercial bend today and some are even recognized as Olympic sport events. This has fanned competition where the fighters look forward to latch on to any minute weakness of the opponent. Physical prowess started assuming more importance. Superior techniques still win you a spar, but being stronger, faster and having quick reflexes are seen as added advantages these days.

Carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, vitamins and anti oxidants play an important part in grooming the physique. Proper intake of these not only betters energy, they can sharpen minds too. Fibrous carbohydrate sources like vegetables, lentils and brown rice to name a few aids performance and reduces body weight.

Artificial nutrition supplements like Colostrum and Creatine, to name a few, are relied upon by many mixed martial arts performers to increase potency. However, these kinds of chemical supplements have their own drawbacks. Understanding one`s own body, its strengths, limitations and requirements is essential before he or she embarks upon the process of ingesting performance improving supplements.

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