MMA Supplements: Calcium Magnesium Source Capsules - How to Find Good-Quality Calcium-Magnesium Source Capsules

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Many of us have been told by doctors and health specialists that calcium and magnesium are good for our health. It is easier to add calcium-magnesium source capsules to our everyday diet than find high-quality separate calcium and magnesium supplements. The good news is that combined calcium-magnesium supplements are now available on the market!

Calcium-magnesium source capsules make use of refined salts of calcium and magnesium along with some other nutrients including vitamin D, vitamin K2 and minerals like sodium and potassium. These supplements help in overcoming nutrient deficiency in the body and also assist in the treatment of degenerative diseases and other health conditions.

Doctors recommend consuming up to 1200 mg of calcium and 300 mg of magnesium on a daily basis. This is the requirement of an average, healthy person in his/her 20’s or 30’s. If you have deficiency of either of the nutrients then consult your doctor or see an RDA chart to find the exact amount you should be consuming daily to overcome deficiency.

Calcium-magnesium source capsules have been manufactured to address the daily requirements of an individual. Normally 2-3 doses of these capsules are enough to fulfill a day’s needs. After completing an entire course of these capsules, have your serum calcium and serum magnesium measured to see how much you have improved. If there is a need, continue the course, otherwise reverting to a well-balanced diet, regular exercise and occasional doses of harmless calcium tablets is also enough.

Calcium-magnesium supplements are also available in the liquid form. These supplements make use of a pure calcium salt such as coral calcium, and vitamin D for its proper absorption. They are ideal to be used by elderly people and children under the age of 10. Women above the age of 40 are strongly advised to increase their daily calcium and magnesium intake by introducing calcium-magnesium source capsules to their everyday diet.

In any case, calcium obtained from diet or from calcium supplements should not exceed the limit of 2500 mg/day. You should be aware that abnormally high levels of calcium in the blood are also dangerous for health. To avoid this situation, buy high-quality calcium and magnesium supplements and carefully read the contents of a single tablet before starting the course.

Usually these supplement products do not require a doctor’s prescription, but to be on the safe side consult a health specialist and ask about the ingredients of a particular supplement product before using it.

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When all is said and done, mma supplements are a very strong part of any fighter's regiment - especially when competing. With that said - in terms of calcium intake - I have often heard that if you take too much calcium, your body will naturally reject the excess. What I have heard works just as well is exercise.  I'm not too keen on the magnesium as I am a bigger fan of the amino acids and anything that helps with the brain and assisting it with focus. But, if I'm wrong about the calcium and you take a bunch and it helps you punch through walls, please let me know.
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