To Increase Memory and Concentration Try These 6 Secrets

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Nobody likes to feel out of his or her element. It's much more pleasant to walk into any situation and own the day. However, having that happen all the time is a bit unrealistic. Sometimes, things just donít go your way and you don't feel like you are at your greatest. The good news is that doesn't have to be the case all the time. You can become more prepared, increase memory and concentration with hone. By following these five secrets to improve concentration, you will find that you are more prepared and less nervous, regardless of what your day entails.

#1 Go the Extra Mile
It's not always those who know the most or are more skilled than others that end up on top. Rather, it's the ones who keep preparing when everyone else throws in the towel. If you find yourself frustrated, lacking concentration and awareness and ready to give up, tell yourself that you will do just a little bit more and try just a bit harder. This tip will improve your concentration and awareness and give you the boost that you need to get over the hump. Just like when exercising, doing just a little bit more at any given time can add up to a powerful mental boost.

#2 Organize Your Brain
We each have habits that either lead to positive or negative results in our life. When it comes to concentration and awareness, bad habits can really detriment your efforts. Most people find themselves distracted by worries and concerns that spill over from all areas of their day. While at work, you can be experiencing trauma and concern about bills or other household responsibilities. This interferes with your ability to perform at your greatest. Give yourself strict instructions to separate the various things that are vying for your concentration and awareness. If you can't do anything about your bills right now, shut the door on that worry until a more appropriate time. Mentally tuck things away that are getting in the way of your best concentration and awareness.

#3 Should You Procrastinate or Not?
Procrastination is the death-knell to concentration and awareness. It can knock down an otherwise productive day faster than almost anything else. Of course, procrastination is nothing more than putting off until later what you could easily accomplish right now. While it can be hard to get going, itís a well-known fact that productivity and concentration and awareness snowball. In most instances, once you get going, the momentum will carry you well beyond what you thought you had in you.

#4 Organize Mental Cues
The intellect is an amazing tool. In fact, that is so much the case that scientists barely grasp your full capabilities. What is known, however, is that your brain can be trained. When you find yourself in a situation where you need more concentration and awareness, develop a cue that will kick yourself into high gear. This may be something as simple as going through a routine, such as opening your laptop and getting a cup of coffee. This cues your mind that it's work time, shutting out all other distractions. Be aware, however, that you can also train your brain in the opposite direction. If you find yourself winding down on a social networking site, for example, your brain may be trained to turn off concentration and awareness when that happens. Be aware and use these cues in your favor.

#5 Live in the Moment
There are many reasons why living in the moment will help to increase memory and concentration. When you are thinking about the past or anticipating the future, your concentration and awareness is going in dozens of different directions. Stop and remind yourself that right now is the only time that is really yours.

Center on what is surrounding you; not only will you perform better, but you will find more joy in what you experience.
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