Increase Your Focus and Concentration in 3 Easy Steps

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Being in a tight spot can cause frustration and strain. While you want things to work out flawlessly, with your attention fixed, that rarely happens automatically. In reality, developing attention takes a concerted effort. If you are trying to increase your focus, these three basic steps will help you to gain the skills that you need to increase your focusfor future success.

1. Capture Your Thoughts
On a daily basis, the average person has dozens, if not hundreds, of useful thoughts and ideas that filter through their brain's short-term memory. Anything can trigger an idea or thought, from your environment, to recalling a memory to experiencing a wave of emotion. In most instances, however, these quickly fall out of your conscious memory and you can lose attention or useful thought. In order to enhance concentration and retain those things that are useful, it's a good idea to capture those thoughts as they happen. Many people tout keeping a notepad handy, where you can jot down things that you want to remember or use for later projects or situations. Once written down, you can mentally let these things go, freeing up room to be aware on items that are immediate priorities.

2. Play Brain Games
Your brain is optimized to play games. All types of games feed brain health, from card, board and word games. While regularly engaging the game-loving portion of your brain can enhance concentration, you can actually target games that will directly enhance concentration. If you are unsure of where to start, think back to when you were a kid and had to ride for hours in the car. Did you ever spar with your siblings to see who could remember the longest chain of items? Maybe you started with an item beginning with ëA' while your brother added a ëB'. Before you knew it, you were straining to remember dozens of items. This game is still great for attention. In addition, you can play this independently just as easily. Create a mental list and challenge yourself to beat your record each time you go through this exercise. Of course, with thought, you can create other mind games that will help enhance concentration.

3. Track Productivity
It is hard to know what areas you are weak in unless you are aware of what your habits are. If you don't know that your attention is fading, you won't be prepared with techniques to increase concentration. Keep a record of what your work or study habits are. Make a note of when and why you feel distractions occurring. This will help you to recognize what your habits are and what is and isn't working for you. You may find that varying a routine helps keep attention high. Other people, however, may always perform better when a distinct routine is maintained.

Everybody is different, so being in tune with your own strengths can help you increase your focus and concentration. While there is always certain suggestions that can prove helpful, don't be afraid to buck the trend, especially if you aware that doing so works better for your unique personality.

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